As a Plug-n-Play Panel owner you are about to experience a brand new world of avionics, wiring and construction. There is nothing like sitting in front of your panel and being able to ask your installation team about the wiring of the panel or to push buttons and scroll pages without having your engine running or worrying about your aircraft battery dying.

You will have an opportunity to schedule a time to visit with a panel technician to go over your panel and learn things such as:

  • Reading wiring diagrams
  • Proper soldering techniques
  • Selecting and using the proper tools for crimping connector pins
  • Coax selection and how to install the BNC on the ends of the cable
  • Understanding the electrical buss system
  • How to update the software and program the avionics
  • Understand the interface between all of the avionics
  • Discuss basic troubleshooting procedures
  • Antenna requirements and mounting considerations
  • Operation, wiring, perhaps complete a coax fitting
  • Practice a few crimps or just solder a wire or two

There are additional ways to access training and informational products. Most manufactures provide instruction manuals with their products. Others can be found and downloaded from their Web site. There are many books and magazines with a variety of thoughts and suggestions.

Each person is unique, so each learning process will be different. To learn more about what approach is best for you, please contact Aerotronics today.