Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Plug and Play" panel?

The "Plug and Play" Panel is a completed aircraft instrumentation panel that is ready to install in a customer’s home built aircraft. It also includes what we call our "Aero-Plus" Program, this includes:

  • Quick response when you need help.
  • Direct access to our experienced experimental technical specialists.
  • A real human voice that answers all of our phones during business hours.
  • Technical and engineering services are available for your special design and requests.
  • One-stop shopping at competitive prices for avionics, electrical and accessory items.

What else do I have to do when I receive my Panel?

We try to make these panels in a manner that they can be installed with the least amount of effort or specialty tools. Our wiring terminates at a combination of CPC plugs that you will bring the aircraft wiring to. Additional items like the battery master cable, alternator cable, coaxes, pitot/static lines, etc. will need to be completed by the builder as well.

How long does the process take?

We allow what we call a customer’s "Time Slot". These are provided in 3-month time frames and can have a refundable deposit placed on them to secure a future position in the schedule.

Can you work with customers from other countries?

Yes, we have shipped our panels to many countries thru out the world.

Can you custom build a "Plug and Play" panel for any aircraft?

There are two categories of A/C that we work with.

  • "Certified” aircraft is governed by FAA regulations and has to follow a strict guideline to maintain the aircrafts TC. While we do work on these aircraft in our hangar we can’t send the customer a completed panel in the same manner as we do with the Home-Built/Experimental customer.
  • "Home-Built/Experimental” aircraft are allowed a more flexible environment that allows for what could be called "custom built” and we can create a system for any of these manufactures and ship completed panels to the customer.

Is the "Plug and Play" Panel tested before it is shipped to me?

Yes, we are a FAA certified avionics shop and have all of the necessary test equipment to provide an operational test of all systems. A final testing of the avionics and associated systems would be required upon the completion of the aircraft.

Do you furnish wiring diagrams?

We provide all of the installation manuals that are associated with your installation as well as custom designed diagrams that are specific to the CPC plugs used with your installation.

Can I have the entire Instrument Panel built by you or do I need to find all of my own equipment?

We are a full service avionics shop and represent all of the major brands of avionics as well as instruments, accessories and parts. Our focus is to make the process of your Plug and Play panel as effective and stress-free as possible by providing a "one-stop shopping" environment.

How do I get started for a Plug and Play panel?

The first step would be to contact our sales staff. Your sales representative is highly trained, not only in the ever-changing lines of avionics equipment and products but also in the building and construction of experimental aircraft.

I have already purchased some of the equipment I need in my panel. Is that Ok?

Yes, we will work with equipment you already have and can provide the balance of any equipment you would need to complete the panel.

Is full length wiring from the panel better than having inter-connecting CPC plugs?

We can make a case for both methods but we prefer having the plugs as it provides for:

  • Ease of installation as there are no bulky/heavy harnesses to work with while installing the panel.
  • The plugs on your panel are connected to test boxes when we test your panel and allow us the ability to verify each wire for accuracy.
  • If a customer encounters a wiring problem having these connectors makes troubleshooting with our customer much easier.