Dear Steve & Jason,

Thanks to both of you for an informative and interesting presentation of the ADS-B systems to our Cody EAA chapter. The information you gave about how it works with ATC and then the technical information on the types of equipment and costs associated with them was very helpful. It definitely gave us a better picture of the requirements and options for our individual aircraft. We so appreciate your willingness to give you time to drive to Cody for our meeting. Many thanks to you both.

- Sue B

We were on fires in Missoula and had a recurring problem with the Garmin 430 WAAS with it loosing its GPS signal randomly. John Paul went out of his way on Memorial Day and again today and was able to solve the issue that three others were unable to. He kept us working for the USFS and made a big difference to our business. He was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and tenacious in getting to the problem.

Thanks for hiring the right people to do quality work and solve the difficult problems.

- Dave P 9/5/2017

Afternoon Jason,

The switches arrived this morning.

Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in which you handled my order most appreciated.

Your business acumen made it a most rewarding experience doing business with Aerotronics Inc.

- Mark P 8/5/2014


Per our phone conversation earlier today...

It's been a great pleasure working with Jason Springstead on the construction of my RV-10 instrument panel. Jason has been professional in every aspect of our interaction over the last few months. Jason has provided timely answers to all my concerns and questions, and he's made many suggestions that have contributed to creating a better overall product. Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Jason and your team for providing me a superior and beautiful product. I would not hesitate to utilize your business in the future, and I'll be sure to speak highly of your team and business with other RV builders.

- Larry W 1/26/2016

This note is to say what a great operation Aerotronics of Billings Montana is.The previous owner of my GLASAIR 3 had Aerotronics install a new panel 6 years ago. I had a question on how to add ADSB. Jason took the time to walk me through over the phone to make this work. I have companies that I am currently paying to help me with various things on my plane and none of them have given me a personal return call like Jason did (within an hour) Definitely a 5 star rating.

- Carl E 2/16/2018

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for the great work that you guys do.

Also to let you know that Tom has been great to work with and is always really helpful every time I have called or needed something, we really appreciate his responsiveness and work.

- Colin N 5/25/2018


BTW... The two ladies that answer the phones when I call you at Aerotronics, Melanie and Lisa, are to be commended. They are always pleasant, cheerful, very professional and most helpful with every request or detail. If either of them ever contemplates a relocation to the Denver area please give them my contact info. Our real estate development firm is always looking for individuals with a positive attitude and an upbeat, professional business spirit.

Stuart B 5/8/2018

I wanted to compliment Andre, Jason and everyone at Aerotronics. I am a first time builder and your team has been extremely helpful throughout the design and install process. Customer support/ service has been outstanding.

Robert B 6/11/2018


My RV14A, Nl41KB, flew for the first time on February 8, 2018 after 21 months of building followed by 3 months of waiting on paperwork from the FAA!

First of all, I would like to thank Gus, Sterling, Eric and all the great support staff at Van's. Their technical assistance was invaluable in completing my project. I sincerely appreciate all of their help.

I would also like to thank Jason Smith at Aerotronics for a beautiful G3X Touch panel and all of his VERY patient assistance with a novice builder. Jason will spend whatever time is necessary to talk you through any questions or issues that might arise during installation. I strongly recommend Aerotronics to anyone building an RV or other experimental aircraft.

And last, but far from least, I want to give a very special shout out to my dear friend and fellow builder, Bill Walsh. Without his assistance and expertise, N141KB would have never flown.

Bill was working on his own RV6 almost 30 years ago when life got in the way and he was unable to finish it. Fortunately for me, he completely understands light aircraft and the skills it takes to build one. I am eternally grateful for his help.

The "RV GRIN" is alive and well in Memphis, Tennessee!

- Ken B 2/21/2018

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the way I was taken care of on my plane at Aerotronics Inc. Gordon, Carl and the guys went way above all my expectations. I have to say definitely the best customer service that I have had in years. Gordon made me feel like I was his best customer even thou I was just getting a beacon replaced. Can't thank you guys enough, you made a customer for life.

- Mike M 3/9/2018

PS my Nephew has scheduled his Barron in April. Will recommend you to everyone I know.

Mr. Vold,

I wanted to say what a treasure you have in Jason. He was the reason I did business with your company. I was looking for a panel for my RV14 that I am building and was getting quotes. Jason took the initiative to ask me questions instead of just giving me a ballpark number that others had done. He guided me through the process and was very accommodating and helpful. If I wasn't retired, I'd hire him away from you, just kidding.

It is very nice to see a young man truly interested in his career and enjoying doing what he does.

- Carl W 4/12/2018

Dear Steve-

I want to send you this letter of the most sincere THANKS and ACCOLADES to your company. I have been a pilot and aircraft owner for over 30 years. I have dealt with many avionics companies and maintenance facilities throughout the country. I can honestly say that I have never been so pleased and impressed with any other company as I have been with your company. I recently built a Glasair Sportsman in their TWTT program.

Initially, I had some ideas for what I wanted to do with the avionics. My first contact with your company was with Jason Smith. From the very first call he was fantastic to deal with. He was able to listen to my requests, respond appropriately, offer excellent feedback and more importantly educate me with additional information and suggestions. Throughout the panel build he kept me informed and updated.

Post installation he and his staff have been invaluable in aiding me to fine tune and maximize the potential of the instrumentation that I have. I could not be happier or more in gratitude for the professionalism of your organization. Your secretarial staff is also extremely professional and friendly. When I was flying the plane from Arlington, WA home to Cleveland, OH I was having some difficulties with operation of some of the radios. Jason came in on a Saturday (his day off), met me at the airport and spent time with me to get things straightened out. This type of dedication and customer service is almost non-exhistant anywhere today!! Please feel free to use my name as a referral. I would be happy to receive calls or emails from any prospective customers.

Scott A 3/29/2017


Please allow me to take a minute to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service Andre Todd provided us.

At the last minute, I emailed Andre indicating we'd be flying in late on Friday, August 18th. I asked Andre if he had time to do a transponder check for both myself (Super Cub) and Thomas (Beaver). At the time, Andre was buried--way behind schedule--working on a Garmin upgrade in a RV-10. Nonetheless, Andre somehow found time to work both Thomas and myself into his already overloaded schedule. Moreover , when we arrived, Andre was cheerful, welcoming the opportunity to help us out!

The personalized service your staff provides--particularly Andre Todd--goes above and beyond. I know I can speak both for Thomas and myself, indicating that we will continue to return to Aerotronics for all of our future avionics needs.

Please take a moment and generously thank Andre on our behalf.

Ted W 8/29/2017

My name is Mike and I fly an RV-9A out of Kansas City. Aerotronics built my panel in 2010. During the initial panel installation, I worked with several people including Jason Smith. Over the years I have had a few radio/electrical component issues that I had been unable to resolve due to lack of support, or one manufacturer blaming another for the problem. When all else failed, I always knew I could count on Jason to give me his time to help pin down the problem. He is so knowledgeable and logical in his approach to solving problems and truly takes an interest in finding resolutions. Jason has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to help and I can’t tell you how much that is appreciated when you’ve exhausted all other options. I’ve worked with many companies over the years while building my RV. Jason and Aerotronics are at the top of my list for quality and customer support.

- Mike M

My sincere thanks to you and the entire Aerotronics team for your assistance in the design and construction of the best ever RV-8 panel. (You really can have two 10” SkyView’s in the panel!!) You patiently stayed with me through the numerous design changes (I stopped counting at 12). Together we decided on the type and location of each switch and circuit breaker, the labels for each, and of course for the avionics suite. The time you spent with me at Oshkosh, Billings and during our numerous phone conversations to get the design just right is very much appreciated. Jeff patiently explained to me several construction techniques, during a trip to your facility in Billings, which helped immensely in my installation of the panel. The plug and play panel arrived on time and it’s construction is superlative. I’ve now been flying behind it for 60+ hours and enjoying it very much. Thanks, Jason, for a job very well done.

- Jerry S

Just wanted to drop a note and some pictures of my finished Zenith 750. This was a 3+ year project, (mostly because I cleaned my shop too often), but it was a great build and I learned a great deal. The aircraft is powered by the Jabiru 3300 engine and produces great power and flies hands off.

Along the way, I met many great people and found that it truly "takes a village" to get an airplane flying! That, and lots of money and a patient wife! I am happy to say that you and the entire team at Aerotronics were a tremendous part of that "village" and I would recommend you to any builder or buyer.

From the gals that answered the phones to the technicians and most of all you, the Aerotronics staff was super! Everyone always answered my dumb question of the day with a smile and a pleasant manner.

The entire staff seemed always able to answer questions and move the process along. I could not be happier with the equipment you recommended, from the Dynon Skyview to the Garmin comm radio. The pieces worked seamlessly and the little products you recommended, like antennas and harnesses made the project complete. As a novice with electronics, I could never have done this project without your advice, help, and friendship.

Someday, I hope to get a chance to visit Montana again, and to stop in and thank you all in person. I hope you have a great year and that you get to make some progress on your own project.

- Ed O

"There aren't enough superlatives to describe my experience with Aerotronics, Inc. in producing the panel for my Vans' RV 7A. They provide a full service operation, which is perfect for the experimental aircraft builder! From answering design questions, to competitive pricing, to efficient and timely delivery of the panel, to advice and trouble-shooting support on the installation...their knowledge and support was simply amazing! We spend a lot of thought and money on avionics and instrument panel fabrication in search of the "perfect" panel.... Aerotronics takes any worry out of the process. If I ever become a "repeat offender" and build another airplane, Aerotronics will be a partner in the effort and build my panel!"

- Joe R

Jason, Andre, Ron and the entire Aerotronics team,

I want to take a moment to thank you guys for the incredible work you've done on my panel and thank you for the support you've given me for the past 3 years!

The completion of my panel marks the culmination of a 3 year journey that started when I met Gary Wirell at Oshkosh after I had started the build of my RV-10. While at Oshkosh, I knew that the avionics decisions were off in the distant future, but I was still excited to see what was available. I stumbled into the Aerotronics booth and within minutes, Gary and I were talking about the possibilities. Before I left that day, Gary gave me his contact information, including his HOME phone number, and made it clear that I was welcome to call him at anytime if avionics/electrical questions arose during my build. Sure enough, questions arose numerous times over the ensuing years and Gary was always available, friendly, and knowledgeable.

What continued to impress me was his willingness to help although I still hadn't committed a single dollar to Aerotronics and made no promise that I would. What became incredibly clear to me was that this level of customer service was fantastic and if it continued into the panel construction and support beyond, I would be a happy customer. It was Gary's service that made me extremely comfortable in my decision to have you guys build my panel but now that it's done, I can see that Gary's customer service was simply a reflection on the company as a whole. Every one of you have been incredible attentive, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the process and I can't thank you guys enough. I love my panel and will be extremely confident flying behind it. I can't say enough about the phenomenal job you've done!

Thank you!

- David H

"It is my great pleasure to inform you of the outstanding service and customer support that Jason Smith has provided me over the past year. I initially contacted Jason around April of 2012 and really knew nothing about Aerotronics at the time. I was amazed at the time Jason gave me to explain many things that must have been common knowledge to him. He took the extra time to make sure that I knew enough about what I was trying to do to make the right decisions. His willingness to help and courtesy represent the company in the best way possible. As a manager of people myself, I know the difficulty in finding people like Jason that can mean the difference in future business by having happy customers. People never forget when they are dissatisfied or greatly pleased as a customer. When someone can make that difference, it can have either devastating effects or tremendous beneficial effects on a business. Jason has made me a greatly pleased customer and I will always give Jason my business for doing so. I consider you fortunate to have him on your team and lucky to have found him. I just wanted to make sure that you knew how customers like myself felt about your staff."

- Dave M

“Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work your staff recently completed on my Murphy Moose experimental aircraft. Words cannot convey the depth of my respect for your company, employees and avionics knowledge. Everyone I met was cheerful, expressed a genuine interest in their work and all were willing to immediately answer any questions I had. I want to specifically commend the cheerful, hardworking and tremendous job they Jason, Andre and Paul individually performed. They each tackled several unexpected, unique issues with aplomb while maintaining consistent progress toward a timely schedule. Please extend my sincere appreciation to these outstanding employees. They are indeed an asset to your business!”

- Ted W

“A big thank you with sincere appreciation for the time and effort you and your staff devoted to the installation of two Garmin G600 systems in our Cessna 414A. It is excellent equipment and has exceeded all expectations of operation and performance. The installation of the Garmin G600 systems is the second retrofit of Garmin avionics by Aerotronics from the original equipment...It is indeed a pleasure to have a pleasant voice answer the telephone when we call and to be greeted in the same friendly manner when walking in the door. You and your staff are always available to answer our questions whether by telephone or in person which is appreciated. It is without reservation I recommend Aerotronics for the installation of new avionic equipment or repair of existing avionics. Thanks again for your time and effort.”

- Richard W

“I can’t say enough of what quality of service I have received from Aerotronics. It is a relief to know that I used your services and I can’t believe I even considered using anyone else. From the design and equipment needed, the work was A1. Thank you for guiding me throughout the process. Of the many changes I have made, at any given time you never made me feel like I was slowing your guys down. You accommodated on every single thing right down to the master switch, 5 minutes before you were going to cut it. Hats off to Jason and Gary and your technicians. Thanks again for a dream come true, to have a panel of this quality. It blows me away! I really appreciate it Gary and Jason. Highly recommend your company to anyone.

- Mark K

I wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased I am about the recent work you performed on our Cessna 310. I am impressed not only with the quality of the installation, but also the professionalism of the staff and customer service that goes way beyond the call of duty. I hope to have a Garmin G600 PFD/MFD and an STEC autopilot installed in the next 12-24 months. You can definitely count on my business.”

- Jason B

“I can’t say enough about the folks at Aerotronics and the Panel they produced for my RV-8. They were involved up front in the design with many practical and useful suggestions based on their extensive knowledge and experience. The Panel was delivered on time and included complete and understandable documentation. The workmanship and quality of the Panel speaks for itself….EVERYONE who sees it comments on the craftsmanship and appearance. I am very pleased that I chose Aerotronics to build the Panel for my RV-8.”

- Dick G

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fine job you and your staff did on installing a Garmin 530W, moving the 430 and KWX 56 in the stack of my Baron. Of special note was the list of items in addition to the avionics which needed attention. Gordon Dewey allowed me to select the items I wished repaired along with an estimate about the time and cost required. It was a great experience. My thanks to you, Gordon and the fine group of folks working with you at Aerotronics. I highly recommend Aerotronics to all of my flying friends for the professional and courteous service which you provide on a consistent basis.”

- Jerry G

“I just returned from Billings MT with my panel from Aerotronics. I consider their workmanship and customer service absolutely first rate. I started talking with them at OSH-07 and really got down to details in late Nov 07. With the final details tendered in December 07. The panel is basically a night VFR panel with a Garmin SL30 with GS/MB. The core of the panel is the AFS-3500. All the detailing and wiring is absolutely great. The service was great and they went over every detail with me to insure that I got exactly what I wanted. Included is one year of after-market service that I have already exploited. I picked up the panel (a 1000 mile drive) as I wanted to get a bit of training on the panel and the wiring. I spent the morning with Jason and Andre who were great. Aerotronics is a FAA repair shop so the EXP section is a separate facility. It is a big shop and they are working on a lot of certified panels as well as a lot of $100K+ experimental panels. My job was probably one of their smaller jobs, but I was always treated with the utmost respect and consideration. They were recommended to me by Wally Anderson of Synergy Air training center in Eugene OR. I took Wally's recommendation even though Aerotronics was not the cheapest. I was not disappointed. I picked up my panel as delivery is a big expense (insurance/packaging) and for the same cost, my wife and I had a great trip to Montana. We saw Yellowstone, Little Big Horn, the Art Museum in Billings and the highlight of the trip, the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho.”

- Mike A

“Just writing to say thanks for the wonderful job on our Bonanza. Everything works as advertised and the installation is exceptionally clean. Your shop does excellent work and will come highly recommended to anyone who asks us who they should use for Avionics installation or repairs. Not only was the work done very well, but your hospitality was also great. Something you don’t see anymore, hardly!!! We definitely feel comfortable in our decision of choosing Aerotronics for our Avionics work. Thanks again, if we ever switch airplanes or do more upgrades we’ll be coming your way.”

- Jim M & Jay S

“I could not be happier with my panel and everyone who sees it agrees. The layout and workmanship was first rate and we have not had any problems. Thank you for the note and for the great work you do.”

- Dave K

“I have never had one problem with Aerotronics. I fly from Seattle to have them work on my plane. Their work is sooo much better than anyone in Seattle. Steve Vold is as honest as the day is long…in fact he stuck to his estimated pricing even though they had many more hours into the project. My panel was a 3 piece just like you see but old radios in the stack and a poor arrangement, so they cut new panels and IMPROVED the mounting …now they don’t shake when the Jake starts I LOVE what they did, take it up there; you will be a HAPPY GUY. Cal Steve at 406-259-5006 he will treat you right, that I promise and the airplane will be done right!”

- Gary A

Jason, FYI I got my D120 back from Dynon. It worked fine so I flew my plane home to Reno/Stead yesterday. No problems at all. I really love the panel and especially the Garmin 430! Flying with that GPS is so cool! Aerotronics service is tops and I let people know that admire my panel...

- Paul W

“I bought a panel from Aerotronics for the following reasons: 1) Expertise 2) Delivery time 3) Price 4) Commitment to a long term relationship. Having never built a panel, I knew that there was a lot I didn’t know. The Aerotronics team coached me as to what to buy, based on my needs, and what NOT to buy. They also had a profound understanding of how various components interfaced with each other and the ramifications to consider based on my choices. Aerotronics said, “We’ll take care of you.” And they did.”

- John H

“Last and most important, the work that all of you did is “OUTSTANDING” to say the least. It was quite a long “dog and pony show” when it came to additional cost and time incurred but the satisfaction and safety enhancement cannot be measured as a comparison. I’m so happy with the end results and the management has nothing but great support and comments regarding the updates.”

- Leon B

“This letter to you and your fine technical staff at Aerotronics is long overdue. I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent work they did on the installation of the PMA6000 audio panel and Garmin SL40 Communication radio. Steve, your recommendation of this combination and your expert installers work has produced for me a faultless and very functional combination. So, thank you all!

- Frederick B