Aerotronics was founded in 1962 by 2 men working out of their garage. At the time vacuum tubes were state of the art and a Narco MK-12 was top of the line.

By the time man landed on the moon, Aerotronics had grown into a respected avionics service center. Transistors were replacing tube technology and Aerotronics was there to provide our customers with the latest offerings from King, Collins, and many others.

The 80’s saw more advances in electronics and growth for Aerotronics. Satellite shops were opened to fill our customer’s needs. With this growth came the reputation as the Northwest’s premier avionics service center. Aerotronics was there when Loran systems debuted in the early part of the decade. Aerotronics was there when digital display devices were introduced with the knowledge to install and service the newest generation of avionics.

Change is a constant and Aerotronics has always strived to stay ahead of the changes. The mid 90’s saw the growth of the experimental aircraft industry. Aerotronics applied its decades of experience in General Aviation t become the industry leader in experimental aircraft avionics shipping to customers world- wide.

Now nearing the start of our 6th decade, Aerotronics looks much different than in our humble beginnings. Aerotronics continues to work with industry leaders to ensure you receive the best in avionics for your certified or experimental aircraft. Contact us today to start your Aerotronics experience.